How to hire a Jet Ski

Step 1

 You MUST have your PWC (Jet Ski) Licence.

 If you do NOT have a JET SKI LICENCE you can NOT hire a Jet Ski.

If you want to GET your JET SKI Licence please CLICK HERE

Step 2

 Choose the date and time of day you would like to book a Jet Ski and reserve your time by credit card with a phone booking.

Step 3

 Come to Kyeemagh Boat Ramp 15 minutes before the time your session commences.

What if it rains?

No worries, You can postpone your booking to another day.

Enquire about your booking now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Jet Ski Licence?

Yes, you do need a PWC (Jet Ski) Licence.

If you do not have one then we can help you get your licence as we have partnered with the cheapest Jet Ski Licencing company in Sydney.

What kind of Jet Skis do you have?

We have 700cc Yamaha 2 stroke Jet Skis.

Our Skis will do 85km/h on calm water.

What are the costs involved with owning a jet ski.

We often get asked what the costs are with owning a Jet Ski as people are trying out if they like Jet Skis before they buy them.

Associated costs with owning a Jet Ski are:

  1. Purchase of the Jet Ski
  2. Registration of the Jet Ski
  3. Trailer Registration
  4. Trailer Maintenance
  5. Jet Ski Servicing
  6. Jet Ski Insurance
  7. Space for Storage
  8. Petrol
  9. Oil

Misc: Depending on how you ride a jet ski you may need to rebuild the engine at some point. Costs of engine rebuilds are from $3000 (non-supercharged) – $6000 (supercharged).

Can I take the Jet Skis to a different location?

Yes, we have a trailer and you can take our Skis to a location that allows Jet Skis.


We do not give refunds.

If you can not make the day you have booked due to bad weather etc, then you are most welcome to postpone your hire to a better day.

Please keep in mind that if you want to re-book at a later date there may be others who have already reserved the ski(s) at the day you would like to re-book.

Other Important Information

If we run any specials through our website or 3rd parties, by default the Jet Skis will be 700cc Yamaha Wave Raiders unless otherwise stated.