Best Value Boating & PWC Licence Course in Sydney

Jet Ski Licence Courses
We run courses on weekends and mid week if required in Balmain.

Here’s what you can get

 NSW Boating Licence

 NSW PWC (Jet Ski) licence

Here’s how licencing works:

  1. A boating licence is needed to operate a powered vessel at a speed of 10 knots or more.
  2. A PWC (Personal Water Craft – Jet Ski) Licence is an UPGRADE to a standard boating licence.
  3. The boating licence segment of the course will teach you about basic boat navigation and safety regulations.
  4. The PWC UPGRADE to your boating licence teaches you specific information in regards to operating a PWC.


You need to collect a safety procedure log book from the RTA and have it signed by a friend or family member who has their boating licence.

Jet Ski and Boating Licence Course Pricing

Boating Licence Course ONLY:

 $120 gets you a NSW Boating Licence Course

PWC (Jet Ski) Licence Course ONLY:

 $90 gets you a PWC UPGRADE to your current Boating Licence.

Full Boating & PWC Course Package:

 $185 (gets you both your NSW Boating & PWC Licence Courses)


We run courses on weekends and mid week if required in Balmain


The Royal Oak Hotel – Level 1

36 College St, Balmain NSW

Courses are run every Saturday
– 9am  to  12pm –

Reserve your spot Now using the form below.

Self Ride Jet Ski Hire Sydney

Jet Ski Hire Sydney are all about having fun!

When you hire a Jet Ski you’ll have the most fun you’ve had in years!

Where are we?

Where are we?

We’re at Brighton Le Sands in Sydney.

When you hire a Jet Ski all you have to do is show up at the beach and off you go!

Just make sure you have your PWC Licence on you at all times.

What is a PWC Licence?

What is a PWC Licence?

Because our service is Self Ride and gives the MOST freedom for you to ride our Jet Skis in Sydney you will need a PWC Licence.

PWC stands for Personal Water Craft and if you don’t have your licence you can easily get it in one day.

When you get your PWC Licence you’ll also get your Boat Licence. These Licences are like a Car Licence, once you have them you can hire and drive any Boat or Jet Ski.

Jet Ski Safety

Jet Ski Safety

Safety is very important on a Jet Ski as serious injuries can happen to either you, your passenger, other Jet Ski riders or people swimming on the beach.

Life Jackets are supplied with each Jet Ski hire and a safety briefing about Jet Ski and waterway rules and regulations will be supplied before your Jet Ski Hire day arrives.